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How do I know when somebody posts?

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how do I get messages sent to my email so I know when somebody responds? Never had a problem at TDIclub, perhaps the word got out I was a diesel guy.
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Just make sure you have email notifications turned on from you Account Settings under Preferences:

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So checked that and even re-did and saved twice still NO email notifications
Only why I check back is to search on my name
Having same problem with Ross-Tech, they think that if I'm using (which I am) a yahoo or hotmail account the software ignores that, so try a google account.
Do not want google following me around! :LOL: Not that anything is important just do not like google.
Please take a moment and double-check your settings. Ensure that all of the boxes are enabled as shown above. If they are, and you are still not receiving an email, please also check your email spam folder - the emails may be in there.

If this is all a fail, please post back here and we will take a deeper dive into your account.
Yes, sometimes other sites get to SPAM however yours does not. Reset the items still NO feed back.
Yes, sometimes other sites get to SPAM however yours does not. Reset the items still NO feed back.
The emails from the site should be coming from [email protected]. You may need to check with your provider to make sure that that email address is not being blocked, for some reason.

Please let us know.

~Mike D
Your emails from [email protected] are getting to my Yahoo account, but none of the discussions make it even to Spam.
Nothing set up for filters either.
I checked the email logs, and there are no listed fails, though I only see email alerts recently for this thread. If it's other threads you are missing emails for, can you check this page to see what your notifications settings are for them?

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