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How to change your Spark plugs, cap, rotor, and wires.

Well for most of you this may be brainless, but we are getting a
plethora of newbies to the dub scene and a how to is in order.
Spark Plug wrench is a 13/16 and use a 6pt socket....

Firing order is 1 3 4 2 that is Cyl 1 then Cyl 3, Cyl 4 Cyl 2.

Cylinder 1 is next to the passenger side cylinder 4 is near the drivers side.

Using a pair of hose pliers, grip the metal of the plug wire and pull it up.


Do one at a time........

Take a Spark Plug socket (6pt) and remove it in a Counter Clock wise Direction.

Take your new plug and set the gap on NGK it is .028

Remove the tip connector off the plug, there are the hose pliers that I use to remove the wires
from the plug.

To the threaded portion apply a little bit of never-seize to them.

Insert the plug into the socket and start the plug by hand on the tool to prevent cross-threading.

After the plug is in you can tighten it with the ratchet to seat it, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN SNug only

Remove all the wires off the plugs DO NOT PULL ON THE WIRES

Leaving the old wires on the cap, use a screw driver to unsnap it remove the wire from the coil on the fire wall.

Get the back side clip too.

Pull the cap off and set aside.

Now you will see the rotor, remember which way it is pointing.

Pull up on the rotor, and it will leave the shaft note it is keyed.

Look at the inside of the new rotor, apply a little never-seize to the inside.

Replace it in the same direction that you removed the old one and be sure it is fully seated.

Compare your new cap to the old one look for the Key.....(make sure the center button is in the hole)

Apply the new wires to the new cap in same way they are on the old cap to the key. DO ONE AT A TIME

Cylinder 1 is the longest wire,
Cylinder 2 next to longest
Cylinder 3 is the next to shortest
Cylinder 4 is the itty bitty one.

As you replace the cap and move it slightly to seat in the key, then snap the 2 clips on.

Number one wire is the longest and goes all the way over to the passenger side.
so on and so forth.

1:00 position on the cap is number 1 cylinder 3 is next clockwise.. then 4, then 2..

Replace the coil wire to the coil and to the center of the cap...

Start it up and enjoy.
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