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How to remove a power steering pump.

Tools needed:
16mm Combination wrench
13mm Ratcheting gear wrench
13mm 6pt Socket
6mm Allen
3/8 Allen

1 7mm id X 11mm od 2mm wide o-ring for high pressure hose.

Jack the car and support it on Jack stands.

You can remove the Passenger side tire, but not necessary.

From the top

Unscrew the Black top off the Res Jar.
I used a rag over the top, but you can use a Oil Filter Pliers.

Remove the Spring.

Using a Turkey Baster remove as much of the fluid as you can.

Replace the spring in the Center and return the outer black cap.

Under the car:
Loosen but do not remove the High pressure line with a 16mm Wrench.

Remove the upper 13mm Pivot bolt and nut.

Remove the lower bracket 13mm bolts short one in the rear.

Remove the 13mm nut off the adjuster barrel bolt.

Remove the Barrel adjuster.
Remove the Belt

While it is dangling, now using a catch pan, remove the low pressure hose and allow to
Remove the High Pressure line and allow to drain.
The Pump and Both brackets are out.
Remove the 3 13mm bolts that hold the Bracket to the pump a 13mm gear wrench works great.

Remove the 2 13mm bolts that are holding the rear bracket on.

To remove the Pulley you can use my jam method. That is jam a flat blade screw driver
between the Allen, and the pulley hub, then use a 6mm Allen and remove the bolt.
You may have to use a couple of taps of a hammer.

Or you can use a 3/8 Allen to hold the inner shaft while you tighten up the outer Allens

Now after you replace the pump, I suggest that you put in about 3 ounces of Seafoam Transmission tune up.
Then top off with Dextron 3 ATF.

Start the car, and cycle the wheels from stop to stop about 6 times, and the system will self bleed.

Replace the tire, lower the car, and Enjoy.
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