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I am new with the volkswagen rabbit 1.6D... ¡help!

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Someone please share the manual for a volkswagen rabbit 1.6D (1975-1984), I have many doubts about how the engine works, I managed to turn it on but in fact, I do not know if I'm doing it the right way, I'm new to mechanics and I do not have much money, I'm from Honduras, THX :):)
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I would suggest that you buy a Haynes Manual off of ebay for the 1977-81 Diesel amazon may have it.
To start the car you place the Key in the ignition Pull out the knob to the right of the steering wheel labeled CS Or a C with the S in the Middle of the C, turn it to run, not start Wait for the Yellow Glow plug light to go out 7 Seconds or up to a minute, and then turn the ignition switch to start.
Moved your thread to the OLDER rabbit forum.
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