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i found an EPC light ON, but now it is off. Is it OK?

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I just bought a 2019 Tiguan SE 3 weeks ago.
An hour ago, when I was driving home with cruise control at 60 mph, I just found an EPC warning light was ON.
I did not feel any abnormality on driving. Because I didn't know even what EPC standed for, I googled it after coming back home.
I found it could be related with an engine problem.
For test, I re-started my car, but then, EPC warning light was off. I took a test drive using cruise control at 60 mph for 15 minutes.
But still EPC light was off, and I didn't feel any other problem during driving.

Now, is it OK? or do I have to visit a service department to see what is problem in my car?

Thank you for your comments in advance.
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