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I turned off my car at 60mph

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2012 Jetta 2.5 SEL Automatic transmission.
I looked and couldn't find a thread on this.

Tonight I was on my way to work on the highway. Really bad weather. Was doing 60 in the left lane. Had just finished a phone call and checked a text. And for some stupid reason, I accidentally hit the car's On/Off button and turned my car off! Was text book distracted.

I imagined if this ever happened, the car would suddenly jerk to a stop, but it didn't. I think it went into limp mode but I may be wrong about that. But it did keep going and didn't really even slow down. There was a breakdown lane on the left so I put on my hazard lights and pulled into there. I think I lost power brakes. The lights stayed on but I definitely lost use of my wipers, which was great because my windshield was quickly getting filled up with salt. (Major design flaw VW!)

So I brought the car to a stop, shifted into Park, hit the brake, restarted it and perilously pulled back into the left lane on the interstate at 5:30pm.

Wondering if anyone else has any experience with this happening, and if anyone knows if you can restart a push button start VW while still moving.

I can't find my owner's manual, but I'm gonna check on youtube to see if there's anything there on the topic.

This was of course my biggest fear in owning a push button start car. Didn't think it would happen out of my own being distracted, but I knew it was possible to happen some how.
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i found this youtube video for a golf.
i might not have had to pull over, i could have tried to shift into neutral and press the button to start the car. but i was pretty flustered and wasn't in a good position to experiment. best thing to do was pull over.

i didn't get a warning. i held it for about a second and it turned off. so this system looks a little different than the 2012 Jetta.
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