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Ignition condenser spec….?

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Greetings. Long story…. I live in Corfu and work as a marine engineer. One of my customers has a 1967 Bug, 1300cc. It’s part of his wedding business and has two bookings next week.
Unfortunately it’s suddenly started running terribly and I suspect his ignition condenser.
The down side of living on a small Greek island is finding parts for classic cars and this is no exception - we can get one, posted from Thessaloniki but it won’t be here in time for his bookings next week.
The condenser is a 1 237 330 251, but I just can’t find any data or spec for its capacitance.
I do have a new condenser for a Volvo Penta engine, and bizarrely for and Old Ford pinto - I have a capacitance meter so I can check to see if they’d fit to get him out of a hole, but I don’t know what the existing unit should be, and obviously I can’t just test it cos it’s dead!!!
Any takers?
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The capacitor required for the arcing suppression of the points for any 12V engine will have similar specs. No rocket science involved. The main differences are mechanical, such as size, mounting and length of wire and connector. Feel free to use the Ford or Volvo condenser as a work-around or permanent replacement. The Bosch distributor generally has the capacitor mounted on the side but you can mount it on the coil as long as the cap has a good ground connection and the wire goes to the points side of the distributor. I have a bunch of caps (aka condensers) and could measure a few if I can find time this week. I have an electronics engineering lab so can test parts like this.
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