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Ignition key programming procedure?

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I’m looking at maybe buying a 2006 Beetle Convertible from a private seller. The craigslist ad says the key needs to be programmed, and the engine won’t turn over. Would vag com allow me to program a new key, or am I stuck going to a locksmith or dealership? My research so far suggests the un-programmed key may be responsible for the No Crank condition. Am I on the right track?
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OK, a few more YouTube videos and websites later, it looks like this car has either Gen 3 or Gen 4 Immobilizer, and that won’t cause the No Crank condition. The car should start and die right away if the Immobilizer was causing this. I’ll try to determine which version of Immobilizer this car has.

No Crank is a separate problem. Maybe the whole thing is the result of a dead or dying battery.
Dan you will require to programme the key thru VCDS or VAG COM. 2006 and up models have no ONBOARD procedure to programme the IMMO keys, also remember to obtain 4 to 5 digits PIN Code prior to programme the key, ask the owner of the vehicle to provide you with that when he/she bought the car it came with the Key Tag with the pin code on it. If cant find then go to the dealer to obtain that pin code with your ID and registration. Cheers

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