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Hi Bro and Sis;

Recently just bought a 2015 jetta and after i bought friend told me that VW has Gear box and the maintenance issue is High?

Been worry on these matter, any bro and sis would give any comment. Does the gearbox still having issues?

Thank you very much

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Depends, you get a DSG or 09G?

The 09G is characteristically weak, and problematic transmission once you
hit about 50,000 miles. The 09G is made by Aisin, it's basically the bottom of the line
trans. The 09G has a torque rating of 184 ft-lbs, the 1.8T puts out 183, so, do the

They can be rebuilt with stronger parts and clutch-packs.

They start having issues when the valve bodies start wearing out. This can happen as early
as 20,000 miles. The shifting complaints can range from clunky downshifts to a perceived
slip or engine flare. Too much torque converter slip can also be a symptom of a worn out valve

The gear-sets themselves (Lepelletier gearset front, Ravigneaux gearset in the rear) hold
up pretty well, it's the valve body that is the weak spot in the 09G. The transmission is very
hard on these valve-bodies, and most of the moving parts are plastic. Heat wears down the

K2 clutch valve has a Teflon sleeve, and they spin, causing a shift into neutral on the
3-4 shift. There is a Sonnax kit for this, relatively new to market. No sense in going back
to an OEM sleeve if it happens.

The common issues are:
Rough shifts up from 1st to 2nd, then from 2nd to 3rd.
Harsh downshifts.
Rattling, bumping, or banging
Rough or harsh engagement
Slip-grab shifting issues

The common laundry list affecting proper shift overlap is:

  1. Clutch Adaptation issues
  2. Fluid pressure concerns
  3. Solenoid failure
  4. Valve body bore wear
  5. Counter balance pistons problems
  6. Transmission Fluid Temperature invalid
  7. Worn bushings
  8. Shrunk sealing rings
  9. K2 clutch sealing ring sleeve leak
  10. Excessive clutch clearances
  11. Excessive end play
  12. Basic settings or throttle relearn not performed
For the most part, it's going to be valve-body issues.

I am already dreading an overhaul or replacement possibility soon... I drive
almost 1800 miles a week, and I can't afford to have it fail on me.

DSG? I had one on in my TDI, and it went 243,500+ miles with just the fluid and
filter changes very 60 to 80,000 miles. I doubt I am going to get that from the 09G.
I got two filter kits, so I am going to be replacing the fluid and filter as soon as I
can. I would be doing it today if not for the rain...

If I would have know these issues beforehand, I would not have gotten into a VW with
an 09G.
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