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Are your outer scrapers old and cratered, don’t work, or better yet rougher than a alligators hide?
Here is how I did it on my Cabriolet.

mk1Autohaus on eBay sells kits, if you are lucky wait for him to have a sale.
vwheritage and vintage rubber sells them as well… but this is for the MK1Autohaus set I bought.

To install the Scrapers for the outside of the window.

I decided to do a rear since they are trickier and you don’t have the Whole window to roll out of your way.

From the outside rear of the window roll it all the way down.
Then using a thin flat blade screw driver to pry, the rubber out of the metal tray.

Lift it from the rear and out of the clips.

Over head view of the clips, they are clipped in to the metal, and can get loose or fall out. If that is the case then the quarter card will have to come out… so you can get the clip.
If they are loose then remove it and using a plier crimp them a wee bit tighter.

Use Alcohol to clean the rail of all dirt inside the little seam at the top and the sides.
Do it so there is no dirt residue… Cleanliness is paramount.

The profile has a hooked side that goes in that itty-bitty slot.

The double sided tape is fun to get it starting to peel apart, but I find that if I use my fingers, I can usually start to roll it back, once you get it rolled and free of the backing stop.

Measure your scraper, and trim it to length, it is easier to do it now than later, and I used a sharp pair of scissors….

Place the edge of the tape in to the slot at the rear and get it seated and cut to length.

The using a screwdriver roll it over the edge of the metal tray.
Once it is firmly bonded to the metal frame pull the backing off.

Now insert your new scraper all at the same time, beside that you should be able to feel the edge of it catch the clips. Once caught it should seal the edge to the tray and stay in place.

Presto, your done.

Warnings and gotchas.

After you Pry the old one out, go wash your hands, any dirt that gets off your fingers and on to the tape is a bad thing,

Your garage or outdoors should be dry and at least 70 degrees F (you can convert).
Too cold and it is a pain with the tape.

Wet, it don’t stick so don’t think you can do it in the rain.

If you screw up, pull the tape off and try it again. There is enough tape included for at least 2 attempts per scraper.

If you really do screw up all the tape, then go to a good hardware store that sells those kits for putting a clear plastic over the inside of your windows, that you heat shrink to fit it after it is taped. It is the same tape…..

Measure the length, Each one of mine had to be trimmed, and the fronts are profiled at least on my set for the front driver or passenger side….

The fronts are easier as you can get the window totally out of your way.
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