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Intake cam replacement GTI 2007

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Hi everyone
I’m new to this site and live in Canada, my GTI that I recently purchased as my project to rebuild has a few issues mainly the intake cam lobe damage by the HPFP and an oil leak coming from the valve cover gasket.
I’m trying to source parts for this work to be done and was wondering if there were any good reliable businesses that sell genuine VW parts that will fit within my budget of about $1000 CAD for parts..
from what I understand from research that this is a very common problem with this FSI Turbo engine any pointers would be of great help to.


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Hi Daniel, I am in Vancouver and can help you out I think. Where abouts are you?
Landcrab Mobile Mechanical and Parts

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Hi Scott,
Thanks for the quick response, I’m located in Guelph Ontario.


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I can price out some parts for you if you like. Or you can find someone in Guelf who deal with Altrom or Autocamping for parts there.


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Got my the car up and running and she now purs beautifully, doesn’t sound like diesel anymore, no hesitations and idles perfectly, I highly recommend anyone to get this work done as you will have a very fun GTI to drive... had new intake cam, HPFP, gaskets, bolts, timing belt, all metal water pump, serpentine belt, spark plugs new filters, good quality oil , new disk and pads all round and sway bar links changed..

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