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Hi, after not using my car for 3 weeks (I left it locked in my garage); I started the engine to charge battery for 30 minutes.
After that I locked the doors with the door sensor as I always do, and left away (everything normal)

Some minutes after that I went back to the car and noticed the lights where blinking!!! so I opened and locked the car again but I remain there to see if that event happen again ... and it happened!!!

I tried to understand the situation but I still cannot diagnose what it is, so I did a video to show you how things happen (images are better than words)

This is what I have until now:

1) After stopping the car, I lock it with the remote key (or door sensor, is the same)
2) 70 seconds after locked, it starts an intermittent hi-frequency beep coming from the front left wheel and the intermittent lights (blinkers) start at the same time
3) The intermittent beep last for 28 seconds and stops while the blinkers remain forever

The only way I can stop this is:
a) Start the engine
b) Stop the engine
c) leave the car unlocked

I prepared a video with the sequence

By the way, other information, I don't have a button on the drivers pillar to disable alarm, VAG-COM did not shows me error msgs, no alerts on dashboard.

Thanks for any advise, I need help as I cannot leave the car unlocked at the street, any thoughts?
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