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So this thread is for the ladies to introduce yourself to everyone else on Dubgurlz. Tell everone about yourself and post a pic of yourself and/or your car.

Here's some suggestions of what you can tell us about yourself:

  • where are you from?
  • what do you like to do? Hobbies, etc.
  • into any sports?
  • tell us about your car.
  • tell us a story about something that you've done you're proud or not so proud of.
  • What's your fav TV shows, movies, etc.
  • Gurly things on your car.
Just have fun!

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i guess i will starttt ...
helllo ladiess my name is christina
i have a 2009 ub bunny
leopard interior trim, smoked side markers, badgeless grill, euro led tails and FK highsports
i live on long island (NY)
currently saving all my money for wheels and getting body work done soon
i like to watch bravo, food network, and travel channel
i like to sing i love dogs i love driving my car
animal prints, diamonds, food, hair, makeup, and the smell of gasoline.
i m me misscfh724

you know what the rest looks like.

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I'm going to follow the suggested format because I'm not very creative.

P1000727.jpg 1. Hey, I'm Kate. I live in the SF Bay Area, (Peninsula actually). I moved here after a short stint in Portland. Before that I lived a long time in DC. Before that I was an Army Nurse from all over the world. I grew up in St Paul Minnesota... brrrrrrr
2. I have a ton of hobbies. Archery. I cook. L 583.jpg ove to throw little food parties for my friends. I make killer margaritas and mojitos and I BBQ like a fat southern man.
3. I play hockey. I actually played on my local traveling team until bantams. We didn't have a girls team back then.(did I just age myself?)
4. I just sold my 2006 White GTI. I loved her but I got a great offer on her and now I have my down payment for my Candy White Golf R in late January.
5. I'm proud of my military service. Not so proud of my love of all things Hello Kitty and Mashi Maru.
6. my favorite TV shows are Grey's Anatomy, British Top Gear and Pan Am. My favorite Movies are, "Departures", "Eat Drink Man Woman" and Les Invasions Barbares.
7. The Gurliest thing about my last car was the small cherry blossom themed stuff like floor mats and a couple very small vinyl sticker in the corner of my rear window and on my rearview mirror. The new Golf R is going to get Rabbit themed stuff if I can find the right person to make it for me.
Anyway, that's me in a nutshell.
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