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Just bought a MK1 Rabbit racecar. Any help identifying parts is greatly appreciated.

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Hello, so I am new to VW ownership and am looking for help identifying exactly what I have in my possession now and any help is greatly appreciated.

First and foremost, the car I bought is my friends grandpa's old racecar. His grandpa passed away and his grandma sent the car to the junk yard. It was marked to get crushed but one of the employees knew these cars are hard to find and blocked it in a corner so they couldn't hurt it. My friend never got the chance to claim the car from his grandma before it was gone and he moved on thinking it was already long gone. The car sat at the junk yard for months while the employee worked on it and ultimately got it running. I started working for a tow company recently and during a delivery to the yard I noticed the rabbit tucked away so I asked if I could go look at it. Saw my buddy's last name over the drivers door and immediately sent him pictures saying I found it.

I asked the yard manager how much for the car and he said $500. We managed to work it down to $400 then another employee heard the backstory and put $100 towards the car as well. So we picked this rabbit up for $300 cash just a few days ago. It definitely needs some love and we plan on fully restoring this car back to it's former racing spirit and then some. Our only issue is that that none of us know VW. Especially from the 70s. I have 2 BMW E36s and those are what I am used to. I do all my own work, we have a shop, lift, air tools, everything we need to do this right short of a paint booth and professional body working knowledge. That said we don't know what engine is in it. What brakes are on it, I ASSUME that a 75 rabbit did not come with 4 wheel disc brakes but again, I don't know VW.

We DO know that his grandpa talked about the engine being an imported race engine and that we can only use red race fuel otherwise it will detonate, even on premium fuel (well, U.S. premium which is 91 octane.) I will upload more pics as I can take them. I am hoping somebody can help me identify what exactly I have. I won't be able to get pics of any of the suspension or brakes until we can move the car into the shop and get it on our lift.

This thread will continue to be updated as we make progress on the car as long as this thread remains active, but it may be slow as we all work full time, my buddy who I bought the car for works 2 jobs. And of course sourcing parts and affording everything we will need will take time as well. These pics are all I could upload with the 3MB limit.
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We will help all we can.

To post pictures you need to open an account with IMGUR and then upload the files there and post the BB link to your text.
If you are on facebook

Join NorCalVW Drivers club and BurnAllTheMk1's

The norcal group because it's local and has the best community for help, tips and folks coming out for help wrenching on ****

Burnallthemk1's because, well MkI :)

and I just remembered why I haven't come back to this forum, the crazy restrictions on posts...for ****'s sake

You should also look on VWVortex
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