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SO!!!! super stocked, worked my ass off to get my mk4, started with $600, bought a mk3 jetta, got a badass trade for a mk3 gti! wooo hooo! then bought an mk3 golf, sold both of them and got me a mk4 golf! :)

got little things here and there that i need to fix:
1. Reverse, it was working then when i put it on reverse it no longer takes it, it just goes to 1st gear.
2. paint is not that great so to speak.

but does anyone know if i can convert my hub assembly from 5x100 to 5x112?
and if so where should I start?
I really want to do this!!!! i have a super sweet set of rims off a newer gti model that i want to slap on, that!

please help me out!!!!
thanks guys, you are the best, always helped me out in the past with my Vdub trubz!

Carlos Reyes Jr
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