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I went to the most interesting Thai restaurant the other day with my wife. It's called Kinara Thai Bistro in case you're ever in Portland and want the best Pad Thai in Portland, OR! What really impressed me was how the servers knew exactly what they were serving and how to describe it. I mean, servers are salespeople. Except, most restaurant owners don't realize it. I can't think of how many times I've gone into a restaurant and asked the server if something was good and they look at me like I just asked them what color underwear they're wearing. The usual answer? It's ordered a lot. What the hell? A server isn't taking their job serious if they don't know the menu and haven't tasted everything on said menu.

Look, I don't mean to be beat the proverbial dead horse, but Rule#1, KNOW WHAT YOU'RE Selling. At Kinara I received a description that had my mouth watering in anticipation of getting the Pad Thai in my mouth. I was sold. The next day, we stopped by another restaurant I won't name, and when I asked the server about the Halibut she said it's okay. When I prodded her for more info, she looked at me and here it came... It's okay. We have a lot of people who order it. Now I was in the mood for fish, but It's okay, a lot of people order it didn't exactly get my taste buds jumping. But, I ordered it anyway. What I got was three pieces of lite, crisp & golden brown pieces of Fish, laid among a delicious bed of fries with a side of fresh moist cabbage and carrot cole slaw, topped with a piece of fresh parsley to complete this delicious presentation. Now which makes you hungrier? "It's Okay." or my description?

So what does this have to do with cars? Well, I want the same thing when I go into dealership to look at cars. I want to talk to someone who actually knows something about what they're selling and how to describe it. Tell me what how the car benefits me. Why it's safe. I want to know about the frickin crispy crust or I'm not buying!

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