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I have bought the above car about 5 months ago. The warranty is up in March from the manufacturer.

This is the second occasion that a large Red Warning Symbol Icon came up on the instrument panel

In the area i indicate on the photo. The drawing is the rough description of the Warning Light.

It happened last October and yesterday. Both incidents were similar in that the light came on for

no apparent reason. The driving of the car was unaffected. The light came on for less than 10 seconds on each occasion

It wasn't long enough to photograph it. . The first time it was not logged on the diagnostic system and a VW golf garage

who checked the issue and found no issue , I would expect the same again , if checked again.
VW HQ in Dublin could not establish what the warning light is and have no record of what it might be. This I feel is very peculiar -Any ideas??? the second symbol under my drawing is what the dealer thought it might be - It was nothing like that on both occasions i was travelling along in good weather conditions and it came on/off quickly for no obvious reason -thanks .


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