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If your top is giving you wind noise when it is closed at speed, there is a fix. The issue is that if your top's leading edge isn't laying flat to the "A" pillar seal then you can get wind between the seal and the frame that will vibrate the top, you also can get water in a rain storm as Driven wind or rain can cause noise or wet problems.

IF your top's to the "a" pillar seal isn't laying flat like this:

Yes that top is latched...

Instead of like this:

There are a few things that you need to attend to.
First is to make sure that your Eccentrics aren't the issue.
They are located on the side frame of the top.

Make sure that your Latch receivers aren't bent out of shape or broken, and that your "J" hooks are still resembling a "J".

Loosen them with the top closed but not latched and rotate them to lower the front edge of the top, so that it closed with as small a gap as you can get.
You will then want to adjust it so it lightly sets on the "B" pillar seal and doesn't cut it.

If your tops leading edge is scalloped or not laying perfectly flat to the seal then you have to adjust it.
To adjust that you will need to remove the bar that is on the front of the frame.

You will remove it all the way that is removing the 10 screws and the bar, then gently (gently) try to separate the top from the frame.
Some installer like to glue this. So be warned and careful. You will want to make sure that you can pull the top to "Curl" the leading edge.
Once you have done this, then you can try a couple of different ways to "fix" it.

1. You can spray a good adhesive on the Frame and inner top and allow to dry (keep it Separated from each other).
Re-position it so that the leading edge Curls, and force it down and curled, you want a 45 degree curl up as you are looking at it.

Replace the Bar and screws but don't over tighten as they strip easily.

2. If your top is flat but in a couple of areas then remove three of the screws on the bar in the area, and pull the top fabric to curl that area alone, replace the screws and try it out by latching it.

You can also try to do the whole leading edge by removing 3 screws at a time from one edge and pull the top up, to curl, replace one screw at a time and remove the next and pull repeat as required until the leading edge is at a 45 degree up curl.

Once you have a flat seal, then take it for a test drive, if it isn't noisy great, if it still is then you may just need to tighten your "J" hooks one revolution.
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