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Lean bank codes, clicking near fuel tank & gas cap code '08 GTI

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Hello forum:) I have a 2008 vw gti turbo 2wd, throwing lean bank codes, and regular gas cap code. hear a very audible clicking coming from passenger side rear of vehicle, near gas cap/tank. have to pass emissions (on 3rd extension) and looking to repair myself. I have experience on some imports, but not as experienced with german cars. guessing the main fuel relay, or solenoid??

any help advice etc appreciated thanks!!!
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Hi there,

Check your HPFP and cam follower and your cam lobe, common fault on these FSI Turbo’s as I have learnt with mine. I’m having my intake cam replaced soon along with the HPFP these have to be checked every 10,000 klicks or so..

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