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LED headlight upgrade issue

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My son and I just put in a new pair of 7" Halo LED headlights in a '73 Beetle. Problem is, the highbeams are stuck in the on position. If I put just 1 of the old headlights back in, the dimmer switch works and BOTH headlights function as expected, including the 1 LED light. If I put both LEDs in, I have the highbeam only problem.

(running lights and turn signals in the new LEDs work just fine)

Anyone have a clue how to resolve?


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FYI, the problem turned out to be the relay. Dont know why, but the relay in the car was new 6 months ago and powered the lights just fine. But the new lights wouldnt work with that relay. We had the 'old' relay, maybe original, so we put that back in and everything works great now!

Just thought I'd update the group.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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