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Hello all,

I have a 2010 1.6 TD VW Golf Plus LHD that no longer has any performance. For example, when in neutral, I can only reach 2500 rpm with my foot to the floor. In fifth gear, I can only reach around 100 KMH. I need to use more revs in each gear in order to accelerate normally, especially in first gear, as otherwise I stall the engine. I am suspecting that the turbo is broken even though I do not get any error codes telling me this.

Sometimes the coil warning light comes on in the dashboard, and my Autel MOT Pro picks up an error code of P029900 - Turbo/super charger underboost, where the car then goes into limp mode, but can gain "normal" operation after turning off and then starting again; however, this only occasionally happens.

Live data for my injectors shows them all to have similar voltage and pressure values.

My vacuum test results are attached. When manually creating a vacuum, I took it up to 25 inHg of pressure. I am hoping that these vacuum results are not expected behavior so that the fix for this lack of performance will be much cheaper than replacing the turbo.

Hopefully someone can give me some good news on this, as the car needs to pass TÜV this month. :)

Thanks in advance,


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