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Loss of power, no turbo

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I have a 2012 Jetta TDI. The particle chamber light is illuminated, the glow plug light is flashing and the engine light is on... the car has no power, but will run 85-90 mph and rpms will go as high as 5000 when accelerating. As I go up the slightest incline the vehicle creeps up the hill.
Any ideas would be tremendously helpful!
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Let me add that I unplugged the MAF sensor and there was no change in performance.
Since there is no performance change, would that indicate that the sensor is bad??
Your best bet is to get a scan done with vcds and see what that comes up with.
Thanks, that’s on the schedule for today!
So I took the car to a mechanic, his report is that the turbo charger is bad along with the mass airflow sensor...
another mechanic tells me today that before I replace the turbo that I should change my fuel filter. So, tomorrow it goes to the next mechanic to install a new fuel filter and fuel system cleaning.
There is a hacky way of testing the mass airflow sensor and that's to take it off see if it runs any differently, if it's the ssme then it's not the MAF sensor.

Thanks for the update and I appreciate if you can tell me how it goes following the fuel filter replacement and fuel clean.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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