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Evening everyone,

First time posting here, just wandered if someone could shed some light on an issue I've come across today. I've just finished a thermostat swap on my 2013 Passat 1.6 TDI (CAYC), nightmare of a job! Put everything back together this afternoon and filled it back up with distilled water (to check for leaks and flush system etc before adding proper coolant), the car starts absolutely fine, no issues at all it starts on first turn of the key, it also idles fine, the issue is the engine won't rev up past 1500rpm, and when revving to 1500 there are huge amounts of grey/black smoke coming out of the exhaust. There is also an intermittent glow plug light, it comes on flashing sometimes but other times when turning the engine off and back on again it disappears. Engine isn't making any strange noises but does stutter when revving it up and as I said won't go past 1500rpm. Scratching my head with it to be honest, could anyone shed some light? To me it seems turbo related but I'm not that versed in TDI engines to be honest so I'm not sure. I've checked all electrical plugs and they're all where they should be (at least I think they are!) and also all hoses that were removed have all gone back in the same places! Any help would be appreciated.

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