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Low oil

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I have a 2018 Tiguan SEL premium 4motion that I bought brand new July 2018. On November 23 with 3200 miles the low oil yellow light came on. The dealer put in two quarts of oil. Then proceeded to tell me it probably came off the truck with low oil. (BS). They check for leaks didn’t find anything and even changed my oil. On May 10th 2019 with 7200 mileage the same thing happened again. Low oil warning light came on. They put a quart and half in. The man told me well your car just burn up oil there’s no leak. Is this a normal thing!? Has anyone has any problem with oil levels? Any help or suggestions. Someone please tell me I’m no going crazy for thinking this isn’t a normal thing.
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Depending on how your car was broken in, it may use some oil.There is mention in your owners manual how much oil VW. says is acceptable. I would be more proactive and check more often.I would also pick up a quart from the dealer as you can't get it from parts store.I would also keep a paper trail,in case you have to use your warrenty.My car used a 1/2 quart at 800 miles,now at 5000 miles,has not used a drop.Good luck,you would expect no useage.but the oils viscosity is pretty thin.
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