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MAP Sensor/Engine Warning Light Repair $2200.00????

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2012 Passat. 2.5L. 98,000 miles. Original owner. My tale of woe begins in October. Had it in for the yearly emission/inspection test. Was told the MAP sensor failed and didn't
pass inspection. The shop it was at offered to fix it for $150.00. Went home, googled (of course), MAP sensor repair,ordered the part, replaced it. Passed inspection. Engine light comes on a few days later. Did some research and found that the onboard computer needed to be reset. Took it to a shop recommended by a friend. They retrieved the fault codes, reset computer, repaired map sensor range performance, and tightened intake manifold bolts. $264.00 labor and $5 parts. 2 days later, the engine light comes on again. Back to the shop. This time, they replaced the valve cover, as the built in breather element was clogged, and replaced the map sensor. $242 labor, $363 parts. At this point, I made the mistake of not asking for the replaced parts. My bad. As I look the bills over and replay it, I see that the stuff they did doesn't make sense. Loose intake manifold bolts?? Couldn't disprove it. A few days go by, the engine light comes on, goes off, comes on, etc. Back to the shop, as they guarantee their work. New issue.....Crankcase oil seal needs replacing. Tranny needs to be removed to do so. Oil filter housing needs replacing. Not sure why. They explained, but by then, all I wanted was out of there. Estimate for these repairs is $1644 labor and $526 parts. Needless to say, time for a second opinion. Anyone had anything similar happen to them? Thanks.
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Hi there, umm seems like a very expensive repair work to me, did they give you codes that it was throwing up? This is a good indication what’s going wrong. My golf GTI was doing the same thing on/off engine light, firstly my HPFP needed changing but it still showed the engine light but then I see it was the EVAP purge regulator which cost 25 dollars Canadian and 20 mins to change myself.
Always asked for a read out of the exact codes it’s showing investigate online yourself research is the key as this will knowledge you for you go into the mechanics, there are some really shady characters out there be careful.
Those prices your saying look way to expensive


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Thanks for the info. The estimate for the $2200 repair shows that the shop retrieved fault codes and reset the computer to clear codes after repairing P0106, P0507 and P2187. What doesn't make sense is if they did rest the fault codes, why would the check engine light still be on? In addition, if the crankcase oil seal and oil filter housing are defective, why didn't that show up the 2 previous times they had the car? If those repairs are truly needed, would the engine check light be on? As Desi said, they got some splainin to do.........
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