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I am possibly going to be the future owner of a 2002 Golf. All depends on the insurance quote and the wife. Will be my first ever VW so im new to the scene here.

I believe its the non turbo version but i havent seen pics of the engine bay and the seller is out of town for the week.

I used to be strictly an american muscle guy. Then i saw the Golfs and something about the look just caught my eye and ive always wanted one ever since. Now i have the chance to get one.

Is there anything i should know about these cars? The one im looking to get is a manual (wouldnt have it any other way)

Oh and im from TX. Born and raised. Also just found out it is indeed the 1.8 turbo engine.

Lots of editing lol the engine is the 1.8 turbo but its the 4 door hatch

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