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I started rebuilding this car at the end of 2016. Its been a rollercoaster of both incredible pain and mental torture as well as immense satisfaction. Its not quite finished but its nearly there. I'll just copy and paste the journey from my main thread on RR...

I bought this car back in April of this year (2016). Its my third mk2 but my first gti. My first Mk2 was a 1.8 auto which I adored and the car that made me fall in love with mk2's. I've never drove anything modern I've been into older cars as far back as I can remember (I'm 29).

The next step had to be a Gti. When I was looking I found many 8valves but not many 16valves. Went to see a few 8valves but I just wanted the 16V and one came up for sale that had a hidden secret.

Heater matrix blew up on one of the first journeys.

This is just some of the examples of the condition of this rot box when I got it.

Whats worse the engine was on its way out, made worse by some backyard mechanic (not me) who 'repaired' it. So had something else lined up anyway.

Mk3 Abf 2.0 16v engine with shiny bits. Also picked up a 7 slat grill to go with this to with a very rare larger 16v badge.

So the reason I bought the car..

Monza blue is its original colour. Hidden under that abysmal black respray. Just so happen to be my favourite colour.. And what let my heart rule my head.

Could never let it stay in this condition though. So time came to get it professionally restored. Eeesh looking back now, its easy to see what i would have done differently, I chose Quest Auto body who do some very high end cars. They are good at what they do but they charge a fortune and i was naive.

Typical mk2 battery tray

Much more to follow.
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