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2000 golf convertible 1.6se
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Hi, I've got a golf 3.5 convertible, bodywork is looking extremely tired now (rust spots/wings). My wings are discontinued by VW and can only get replacement from prestige vw, from Germany £300+, 6 week wait. Is there so much difference between the mk3, 3.5 and mk4's?
I'm taking it off the road for an overhaul, and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction for suspension kits. And somewhere I can get the parts for my mk3.5. Nearly all are discontinued, trying to order is a nightmare as I keep wrongly getting parts for the mk3 and 4. I really can't understand why the mk3.5 is so different from the mk3. Only difference I can see, is the mk4 headlights.
I might dress it up in skirts and the likes, if anyone has any cut price ideas/suppliers. Thanks.
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