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way to trip the pump into "working" ?

Hello, newbee here.
I have owned my Golf 2003 1.6 auto for a while and have always found the brakes terrible.
New front discs and pads , new rear pads.
Fluid flushed and bled using diagnostic equipment at local garage.
"Smoked" the vacuum lines to find a split pipe at the electric pump under the car, repaired = 20% improvement but still crap.
Passed MOT but still crap compared to any other golf I have driven. Not enough of a pedal to do a panic stop.
Terrible access to the pump.
Has anyone got any ideas? How to tell if the pump is working? Cant find any wiring diagrams to help, fuse location number ect. My auto data doesnt even list it in wiring diagram .
On the motorway they feel sufficient, its just at low speed you just dont feel there is enough boost. I think thats the reason for the additional electric pump for the automatic and possibly stratisfied engine and low vacuum at low revs??
The pedal does not creep down so I dont feel its the master and its been bled many times and yes I found the two bleeders on the master.
I am / was a BMW tech and garage owner before retiring with a bad back, just to say I know a little about cars in general, a lot about BMW, but no longer have any faith in the brand, so having previously owned a golf tdi (with fantastic brakes) I opted for a petrol automatic. Suits me down to the ground but the brakes scare me more than any car I have worked on. Any simple tests, or access to wiring diagrams, basically trying to not get under the car on my back.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Diagnostic tips anything please. A way to trip the pump into working? access to the wiring "above ground" ? Thanks, build quality is otherwise superb!
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