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Hi there, looking for some expert advice.

Have a pretty clean 2004 golf mk4 2.0 GLS with relatively low miles (about 85K)

The catalyc converter went out, and I'm looking to see if I can get this car to pass smog with a carb legal cat without throwing a stupid amount of money at it.

I've seen the Magnaflow at roughly $2k, but looking for a cheaper fix.

-Anyone who can point me in the right direction for a good deal?

-Also, would my car have an engine family number, or just the 3 letter engine code (BEV) See pic below.

-Can there be any chance I'm ordering the wrong one / were there different 2.0 engine versions in 2004 if i can not find family engine number?

-Not sure if this matters but car was first sold and registered in Arizona, then Illinois, now California.

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Engine family number ?
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