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Am I just missing it, or has there never been a DIY posted for replacing the timing chain in these engines?
If anyone has any info on how to perform this I would appreciate it.

I have a 2007 so I assume it would be smart to replace the chain guides at the same time (would appreciate a DIY that included that as well.

If not...I may have to go into this blind...I really don't want to have to take this car to the dealer.

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Not to be a downer, but just quoting our resident master tech Nitroscope8...

Unless you have the documents and instructions infront of you, a chain job on this motor is not for the average DIY'er. It's not as easy as "pop off, align marks, pop on." You need to preload the adjuster, torque the bolt to spec, unload it, crank it down more and check base engine timing.

If the chain breaks, there is no getting lucky with this engine lol. The valves are so close to the pistons, there are notches in the piston top
I was looking on VWVortex and there doesn't appear to be any DYI, though I thought I had seen one.

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you'll need special tools and specific instructions to diligently follow to complete successfully.

if i'm not mistaken, it wouldn't hurt to have an extra pair of hands for the install.

i thought i saw a write up on vortex.
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