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muffler delete

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I had a 2007 rabbit which got written off in an accident a few months ago. I had done the "suitcase" muffler delete and the mid resonator. Left the cat and first res in. It droned on the highway but nothing I couldn't live with. I loved it drove it for 18 months like this till the accident. I also had a p-flo intake but I dont think that should affect anything

Now I have a 2010 golf and I did the same set up on the exhaust but it seems way louder. It drones worse than the rabbit did. So bad that I dont even want to drive it. I have no idea why it would be different considering it's the same engine and the exhaust set up stock is the same on both the mk5 and mk6. My mom has noticed it seems to smell worse than her car (2017 dodge journey v6) but I just figure the cat is more worn than hers. There's no CEL so the cat should be fine? Maybe the resonator is shot?

any ideas?
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to anyone looking here in the future

i just put the mid muffler back in for now. going to have to figure out a different set up on this car.
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