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My B-and A pillars look like garbage, dull not shiny.

I didn't want to use a Back to black, or paint on them so I reverted.

From this:

To this:

How did I do that.

Elbow Grease and the proper cleaners.

I started with water and wet or dry 2000 grit.
I Sanded the pillar until it shined beneath the water.

Yep when dry it hazed.

Soft rag, and Clear Coat Polish.

Work it, see the shine build. The Nice thing about the polish is that it comes off with water.
dry, re-work till even.

When finished add a light coat of wax to darken it further.

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look at that reflection :cool:

2000 grit wet/dry is one of my favorite things in life.

however, 3000 grit is about 1000 grits more amazing and it feels great too, hah hah.

nice work, man.
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