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Need assistance with information

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Hey all. You gorgeous people you. In the past you have helped me with many things I am unfamiliar with. I try to do my research before asking dumb questions. However I'm at a loss.
I have an 81 truck. Converted 1.6 block with 1.7 head gas engine. 4spd .

4spd is stuck in 3rd. Certain it is the trans. Becuase the ****er had a hard time with 4th.
I have a 2002 passat with oil pressure problems. Can I use the 5spd from the passat in place of the 4spd on the 1.6 block and still use the shafts from the 4spd.
Or is this a pipe dream
Also if I was to fix the 1.8 turbo that's in the Passat. What would it take to swap it I to the rabbit truck.? And can I do it with out all the fancy computer stuffs?
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Are you sure the linkages are good and not binding?

No, don't think it will

A lot of things will need to be changed, I am sure some one on the vortex has done it. no computer, doubtful.
I would be checking the linkages on that transmission to see if it was jammed up in some way. Get it up on Jack Stands and crawl under it and look for loose parts, worn bushings and those funny round ends to the linkages.

Swapping the 5 spd in and the 4 out is not a gonna happen. To much to change and you are too many years between the transmissions.

Likewise the turbo, you need one from the years between 84 and 87 I believe. I have a caddy and the turbo is off an 87 jetta with the AAZ engine. Lots of parts to get gathered up. Some hard to find now. Two different turbos to choose from K3 or the 4 one spools up at the lower end of the RPM cycle for boost early but tops out soon. OK for mild boost in city and most normal speed hwy. The other boosts later and gives more top speed. Better if you don't like to drive 60 very often on the highway.
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