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Need diagnostic help

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Have a 2011 gti have had no issues with it till this past year. Recently every few weeks I would have trouble starting it or the engine would cut off when I go from reverses gear to drive. It's an automatic. More recently it died and when I went to try and start it smoke starting coming out of the front and I could smell burning wires. Now I can't even try to start it. If anyone knows anything about this plz let me know don't know if I should try to fix it myself or just bring it do the dealership and hope for the best.
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Alot depends on your Skill Set, Starting a car and Burning wires usually indicates to me that you have issues with the Starter, or the Cables to the Starter and or grounds.

Bad Grounds or iffy Starters cause a lot of issues with it as they are HIGH Current Loads for short times.
Does anyone know why my Bluetooth disappeared and it’s not my bt module?
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