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Hello everyone,
I am new to Volkswagen . I have 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 l TSI engine
Today I had an engine code P0507 with is pcv /oil separator issue. Engine made whistling loud noise and run a bit rough (idling rough)
I google search and replaced PCV/oil separator which is mounted on top of the engine. P0507 is solved

After replaced with new PCV module, I decided to pull the engine oil cap and there is a huge vacuum suction . Engine would almost stall when I had the oil cap off. Then I see a bunch of engine mixed fired code. I cleared and engine is idling fine with oil cap back on. Car drive is fine too. However the vacuum suction under oil cap is there there.

I pulled the oil dip stick out and same, there is suction as well and engine idling speed change but not stalling.

I’ve checked pcv that I installed and checked all 10 mounting screws . All are fine secured tight.

Question .
Car was running fine until this. What could be the problem with vacuum under oil cap? Do I have a defective PCV module? I tried to disconnect the plastic S tube connecting from intake manifold to PCV. Engine stalled due to excessive vacuum leaks . Leave it disconnected. Engine start then stop right away unless I plug the tube at the intake manifold.

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