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I have a 2007 vw Rabbit, im going to attempt to remove the passengers side cv axle, this axle is not bolted to the transmission, how do i remove it?
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Don't know about 2007's but there are 3 ways of them being attached.
or Clips internally that you have to overcome.

I have all three types on my cars.

You don't have bolts, so where the VW attaches to the differential look at the CV end for a Cross roll pin, that you may have to remove with a roll pin punch.
My Honda's and Toyota's have an internal clip to the inner CV, that I have to use a block of wood and a PryBar to get it off the Diff.

Also removing the Tie-rod end from the Spindle usually gives you more breathing room as well as removing the Strut Bar from the Lower ball joint.
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