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New 84 rabbit owner

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New to the vw world and looking for some guidance. I bought this rabbit. If I have a little bit figured out some of the associated stuff is 8v engine, mk1 platform, k jection fuel management, 020 manual 5 speed transmission. I dont mind tinkering and learning but I snagged this for a daily. I changed the coolant lines and i think while changing them I think I broke the ignition module in the distributor. I am not a purist of any sorts. It was running prior to the line change and i hear an arc happening inside the distributor. Ling story short, is there a cheap electronic ignition distributor that works on this? I have other questions but this is my number one. Thanks in advance for any help
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Not really, you have to get a spare.
DO NOT TRUST HANS parts, they are known to have the wrong items.

Take the cap off and inspect it, I would think High Arcing isn't indicative that your diz is bad, 84 could be solid state, and or points and condensor.
The Plug mount on the side is really easy to break, and ruin your diz, and your ICM. The ICM's have a good test in the haynes or Bentley, and don't cost that much.

I know as my diz hall generator broke on my 90 and shorted out my ICM.

I was glad I had a spare diz out of a 89, and a spare ICM.

The one I ordered from Hans came in wrong 2.0L instead of for a mk1 1.8 2h the shipping back and the return fee of 20 percent for their mistake, was toooooo much. Don't trust them.
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Check out sell parts for alot of VW's and their sales catalog is informative.

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I changed a hose that I assume is cursed by any mk1 owner that ever had to change it. It is the T shaped one from the heater core, oil cooler and water pump. While doing that, i am pretty sure the hardline hit the connector on the distributor and broke it internally. When i pulled and inspected the inside, I couldn't get it to arc but I heard it with the cap on. I have 12v to the plug in 2 spots, no spark but had spark prior to changing the coolant lines. Any internal guts you would recommend for the distributor? I know the housing and shaft aren't bad but generally there is a cheap Chinese hei for about any engine out there nowadays.
The diz is Special.

The rotor and the Cap control the spark from the coil to the plug that is under the rotor.
The Hall Generator has 3 wires. Black, red, and green white.

The red is 12V
Black is Ground
the Green/white is the Hall sender signal.

Take the plug off the connector.
Remove the Rubber boot
Plug it back in
Insert the positive probe on your meter into the Green white wire slot.
With the Key on, and rotate the engine by hand a wrench on the cam works you should see a 0 to 11V signal on that green/white wire every time the Shudder of the diz passes the inductor.

If you don't see a swing from 0-11 or 11-0, then you probably need a new Hall sender, if the hall sender shorted out, that usually fries the Ignition Control Module ICM

There is a Test for go no go on that as well.

I don't have the "T" hose nor a water jacketed oil cooler on my 90's they weren't installed at the factory. I do have an external oil cooler that I made and installed myself. But that "T" hose is a Pricey thing.

A diz can be sourced if you have the part number stamped on the side, you can google it and find it on ebay probably.
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