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New Beetle Owner

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Good evening everyone! I am a new beetle owner... I just purchased a 1971 Super Beetle and I have a question regarding maintenance. I am also new to working on beetles and cars in general but I really want to learn how to take care of these things myself. My mom drove my beetle right after I got her parked outside the house. It was a cold morning and I warned her not to drive off without warming up the engine. She didn't. So hours later I went to drive and the battery is dead (she left the headlight switch on and the turn signal on as well. And I cant turn the headlights on but the turn signals are kind of responsive as are the brake lights. I'll be grabbing a new battery tonight. Would the headlight issue be associated with the battery or is this another issue entirely? I checked the fuse box and it appeared normal and connected without much corrosion.

Thank you for your help
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