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New Member, First Post 2015 Golf TDI, Music, Wheels

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Hi Folks
I recently purchased a 2015 Gold TDI. It had 38000 miles. Beautiful inside and out. I love it!
2 Questions...

1. As soon as I start the car, my iTunes starts playing music. I would like that to NOT be automatic.
2. It came with 16 inch wheels. I would love to have 18 inch wheels. Whats your advise, besides buying new 18 inch wheels. Would anybody like to trade? Great tires, I would just like 18 inch wheels for cosmetic reasons only. Advice?
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I’m no engineer, but your car was designed for 16 inch wheels. Stick with them.
For the 1st questions; did you check out the bluetooth connection ? or your phone connection settings ?
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