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Hello everyone,,
Just bought a 2011 GTI and on the drive home the check engine light came on. OBDII scanner showed two codes - P0133 (O2 sensor) and P2015 (intake manifold). Which one should I replace?

The car sat in a garage for about a monthbefore I bought it - is there a chance that sitting around created a quick one-time misfire that set the codes off, or is this real? I tried pulling the battery terminals off, and it didn't reset the light. There are no other symptoms of bad O2 sensor or intake manifold - no loss of power or anything....
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I would take it to the local autoparts place to have them reset the codes. Wait to see if they trip again and make your decision then as to how to move forward. If they both come up again though, start with the lesser expensive of the two. Reset the codes and wait to see if one effected the other as this sometimes occurs.
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