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New transmission

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I had my transmission rebuilt
After getting the car back drove for about 200 miles no issues
Next day while during errands go through some cycles i had the car started put it in gear the car stalled out
Try to start it for about 5 to 8 times only way I could get to start is by letting it cool down about 30 minutes and as i press the brakes and push the the fob in to the switch is to press the accelerator all the way down and crank it!
Has this sort of thing happen to any one out
There i love the car but im reaching my limits it’s been recalls and recalls
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Dude I feel the same way. I love the car but I've had a new transmission, water pump, diverter valve, fuel lines, high pressure fuel regulator and now new power steering. The transmission was $ 4000 , the water pump was $1,200 along with some other work I got done and now the power steering is $2400 with no labor included . Its also kind of depressing when u trying to enjoy life but you have to keep spending all ur spear time at the dealership getting ur car worked on or looked at for them to only tell you that they cannot duplicate the problem that you are having. I think my diverter valve is going out again. I oh and by the way I just got in the mail 2 claims one is about the water pump and the other is about tire rotations IDK if you received these or not but it's supposed to be for 2010 VW CC
I tell you i had BMW’s Saabs and Mercedes
But i love the way CC handles it’s something i guess can’t have both ways
I too had to replace the transmission,water pump,fuel pump,gas tank,pcv valve twice,intake manifold and have the valves clean thank goodness I purchased an extended warranty , but did most of the small stuff myself
I was thinking of getting rid off it but I won’t get half of what i put in so im just going to drive it until it give out
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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