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Newbie... 1981 Rabbit Convertible

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Greetings, all. I have a 2013 Golf R as my daily driver. I've been looking for a convertible for several years now - specifically one that is as close to the one I had in college, and this one is it. Same year, color, transmission. The only differences are the steering wheel (mine had the 4-button), seat material (mine was black/gray striped cloth) and the wheels (mine had the steelies with center chrome and trim rings).

So I purchased it just a couple days ago. Now it has to be delivered (from Montana to Las Vegas). It drives well. Has a few rust spots (mostly surface, but the rear wheel arches behind the tires will definitely need some body work). I plan on making it my little project car. The biggest question mark for me is the electric. The wiper fluid does not spray, the wipers seem very slow, and the hazard lights only intermittently work. The top is only about 4 years old (though only the top... the frame/headliner/innards... are original.

Here's to hoping it's not just a money pit. :D:

I guess I can't post links or images just yet, since this is my first post. But if you go to flickr (user name mobycat) and check my photostream, it's currently the first photo.
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Sorry I didn't see this as a moderated post till today, apologies.

Money Pit and Cabriolets are hand in hand, well most older ones actually that is until you get it back to factory specs or better.
Once you get it back to OEM, then it is a maintenance thing....

I know, 3 Cabriolets, and tons of monies..... But the 2 survivors are dependable daily's. My first one was totaled which allowed me to buy 2 more... :)

To post pictures open a IMGUR account, upload your photos to there, then chose the share on the photo and share link from the BB (bulletin board) which has the img tags directly in to your post and they magically appear through the courtesy of the interweb.

Here is a introduction as to what I had to do on a new to me car.

To kind of show you what I went through 3 times.....
Most of my How-do-I-do-thats are in the DIY subsection, while I have diesel and Digifant knowledge my early Gasser/CIS engine wise in limited, but all the other stuff will port over nicely to the mk1 Rabbit Vert.
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Thanks! The anticipation of waiting for it to be delivered (scheduled for the 8th) is going to kill me!
OK, here it is. Should be here tomorrow night or Monday morning:

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Not too bad looking, but being the Pic Whore that I are post more pics of inside outside under the hood... I really like to see all things cabby.
Not too bad looking, but being the Pic Whore that I are post more pics of inside outside under the hood... I really like to see all things cabby.
Heh... I plan to do a ton of pics from the moment I see it on the truck for delivery (hopefully he won't unload it before I get there).
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