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I just found this site today. kinda excited to share my car here. gotta take a minute to figure it all out... :D:

But in the meantime:

my bunny is a Red OEM 83 gti. I absolutely love her.

however, i had a friend 'help' me out, and he 'helped' me have a car that needs a bit more work than before.
he tooled with everything under the hood. I had to replace some of my cis system because he messed with the screw on the plate. At this point she fires up, runs for a minute, then dies out. the rear wheels lock up every so often. kinda looks like im on bags.... lol

we replaced the ignition coil. new plugs, new wires, new brake lines .... about to rip out the CIS and carb it. we can not figure out wtf to do to keep it running..

stay tuned....
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