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I have a 2008 VW Passat Estate Highline 2 litre. When I bought i was told the air/con did not work, but I did not worry as I only use the car for dog walking and there is always a window to open! However, I have had problems re-leasing the fuel filler flap until recently when the switch in the driver’s door did not open it at all.

I have checked the switch and there is not any 12 volt voltage there, nor at the adjacent switch. I opened up the side trims to gain access to the release mechanism for the flap, and as expected no voltage there either. So I disconnected the linkage so I can open the flap manually if I need fuel.

On looking through Haynes manual, it seems that both the air/con and the two switches in the door emanate from a ‘Courtesy’ module but being a simple mortal I do not know any more about the problem.

Query 1, if it is that module, where is it located and is it a simple job just to swop it with another that will work
Query 2 are they expensive and by how much.

Any would be appreciated,
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