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So i have today changed the reverse light switch, checked for a light and still no light, i've checked the bulbs this evening and they are fine and so are the connections, i need to check the fuses in better daylight in the morning, i also need to do a lot of work before i send the car for a m.o.t, i need to do rear shocks exhaust mounts (rear), i need to get a new tire done too, thermostat housing + coolant, as that's pissing out, power steering fluid hose. as that is leaking too i checked under the engine someone used white silicone **** as a gasket for the oil pan so i need to change that too or maybe just get a new oil pan with bolts and gasket, engine is leaking oil too so maybe head gasket needs doing as well and engine could definitely do with a good scraping and clean up and possibly new piston rings might need doing but if they do i might just get better pistons instead and upgrade the fuel pump, and sensor as my fuel gauge isn't working either.

any and all advice will be greatly apprciated as i really want to keep this car it's my first and i plan on fixing it up as much as i possibly can, i also need to get a obd scanner so i can see if the car has been clocked, and i also need to look for a lcd replacement for my clocks as that doesn't work either.
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