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No smoking

Last fall I bought a 91 cabriolet in mint condition, I was so stoked because it had 87,000 miles on it. One problem, it had been not running siting in a garage for ten years. It smoked, no problem I thought, it must be because it sat so long.
I changed the oil still didn't help, by now it was winter and we garage our convertibles in Montana. So now that they stop salting the roads I got it out but was so bummed that it smoked and was starting to regret buying the car. But glad to say I found the cure - Here is what I did.
Bought a can of Sea-Foam from Napa unplugged a small vacuum line from the intake manifold, hooked up a length of surgical tubing and while the engine was running sucked the Sea-Foam into the engine. Yea it smoked like crazy, but then I hooked everything back up and took it for a drive; drove it hard and fast with a big trail of smoke behind me. But after about 15 miles she cleared up and now she smokes no more, Hallelujah.​
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