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Noise on the rear side

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I noticed a ryhtmic thumping/dribbling noise coming from the rear of my 2007 Rabbit. It happens when I’m at low speed but stops at high speed in the freeway. I’m unable to figure out where it’s coming from.
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You have figured out where just not what is causing it. I say before you drive this car again you get out the lug wrench and check all four corners for tight lug nuts. I have lost a wheel once in my life and thankfully it only cost me 700 bucks in towing and 500 in parts to fix it. I was pulling a U Haul at the time the front drivers wheel left me on a left hand turn. Not a good deal.

If the lugs check out and you have the time to get it on Jack stands get a hand on the sides of the wheel and give it a twist from front to back. It may be the bearings or the nut that holds the bearing in. That could be loose and with the wheel on it would move and you would hear it and feel it. A sort of thunk, thunk noise may be audible as it shifts.

If it isn't one of those two I would be surprised. But say it is not. Then take it to a shop that you know does free travel inspections and see if they can check the shocks and sway bar and wishbone parts for bushings, loose connections or anything like that.
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