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OEM Roof and Ski Rack Whistling

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I bought a 2018 Tiguan and added the OEM roof racks and Ski/Snowboard racks. My only issue is I after adding the ski racks is a whistling noise that sounds like a tea kettle. It is not noticeable when I crank the radio. Otherwise I start wanting a cup of hot tea, or the tone to change to on a note. I joke that I am going to put a harmonica in there to get a tune.

So I am seeking a solution that wouldn't be duct / gaffer tape over the opening. I thing a piece that is H shaped and goes in the gap would stop the airflow and the noise.

Anyone else notice this? Any fixes?

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Yeah, i noticed this too, it occurs when driving high speeds, over 60, doesn't bother me that much tbh
Well, there is nothing you can do, that's how it works, I mean that's how air works. I remember having the same issue when I went on a ski trip with Blue House Skis travel agency. What I did was buy and install a Thule on the roof of my car. On low speeds everything was fine but the moment I went above 60 the air would whistle all around the car. It was a bit disturbing at first but I grew used to it and it doesn't bother me anymore. I believe there are several ways of reducing the sound by lowering the thule.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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