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Hi everyone,

I need your advice.

I own a 2015 Tiguan tsi, so I regularly change oil, filter and check coolant at exact required kilometers.
However, recently I have been facing the following issues:
1. Engine coolant temperature gauge is within the safe range however, when I cross speed of 100km/h, or I stop at a signal the indicator goes to 95-97, I already filled up the coolant to the safe line limit twice in the past 3 weeks.
this started after I changed the oil and filter.
2. Engine is apparently is leaking, the oil spot is dry and the size of an adult hand open palm, located approximately at the top right quarter of the bottom cover (if you change the oil by draining not sucking you have to remove that cover).
3. Battery is less than 6 months, I start the engine, it starts running, after a few seconds car shuts down and battery indicator shows on dash board, usually I shut the car properly, remove the key, immediately I switch it on again and for it not to shut down again I press the petrol (this doesn’t happen often, maybe 3 or 4 times a year, but when it does it lasts for couple of days then disappears).

based on the above and by visually checking I was giving the following diagnosis:
1. Gasket for the engine must be replaced, they don’t know which gasket they will have to check.
2. Engine Injectors must be replaced (I’m not sure if I got this one correct, maybe another name for it).
3. It’s pipe leakage, they don’t know which one, they have to check.
All above diagnosis are for the leakage and little bit over heating and increase requirement for coolant refill.

for the battery/ engine shut off thing, no one is giving me any answer except that it might be electrical thing.

can anyone advice me what is the issue and what needs to be fixed.

so far estimated price I’ve been given for minimum possible prices for required spare parts is 435US dollars.

I already feel like I’m being ripped off.
Can anyone advice me please

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